Prevent 4000 Villagers From Covid-19 Virus

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September 10, 2020September 10, 2020

Prevent 4000 Villagers From Covid-19 Virus

Prevent 4000 Villagers From Covid-19 Virus


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Providing immediate and long-term Sensitization, education and Prevention to Control the spread of Covid-19 virus in BLP operational communities in Sierra Leone BLP’s 4 years post Ebola intervention has given us the experience that villages are the most vulnerable when it comes to virus prevention. There is a need for local communities to understand the symptoms, impact, and prevention . With over 19 villages in Bombali & Western Area Districts, project will impact about 4000 villagers


The scars of the Ebola virus are still very visible in these villages compounded by the fragile health care system still suffering from the devastation of a 12 years civil war. There is a need educating and sensitizing on this virus thereby increasing sanitation practices. With about 12,000 Ebola orphans & survivors, a hit and run approach will never work, we need a sustained and local outreach approach to curtail the spread of Covid-19 in the 19 BLP operational villages in Sierra Leone


By training Youths in different Communities to be certified as BLP Covid-19 Ambassadors, this helps build the Youths as positive role models in their communities. Phase 1 of six phases of the sensitization is a milestone. Providing veronica buckets, soap, sanitizers, face masks and the education, communities are now understanding the need to practice safe methods. over a period of 12 months, these villages will be transformed into major sanitation hubs improving healthy living standards

Long-Term Impact

Our approach to COVID-19 is a long-term sustained intervention making sure our flagship Water, Hygiene & Sanitation (WASH) programs are fully integrated into our COVID-19 response initiative in 19 villages benefiting over 4000 villagers. A long-term approach will transform communities into local Hygiene and Sanitation hubs which will increase the well-being of the inhabitants also increasing life expectancy. A “Stop and Go approach” will not work in combating this virus.