Music is a powerful tool for change. It is our belief music can transform societies by fostering cooperation and peace. Music is and should be a catalyst for social change and sustainable Development in Sub Sahara Africa. Music is a non- violent approach in addressing many of the social issues affecting humanity today.  Civil societies can make a difference in the continent of Africa through mutual partnerships and collaboration in building communities. It is our belief music has the power to help achieve the United Nations’ Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and enhance the quality of life for people everywhere. In times of challenges, people of many nations and cultures turn to music for solace. In the face of challenges, music brings peace. In turmoil and disaster, music provides resilience to nations, inspiring them to rebuild and heal. Bright Light Projects (BLP) advocates for music in the following key domains and more:

BLPSL has a simplistic approach to support and conduct non-partisan initiatives in using music as a catalyst for Sustainable Development in Sub- Sahara Africa in the domain of:

  • Violence (Teen Violence)
  • Torture & Trauma
  • Psychosocial Care
  • Poverty
  • Child Advocacy
  • Prison Inmate Reintegration
  • Health Care
  • Early Pregnancy
  • Domestic Violence and Servitude
  • Women’s Rights
  • Clandestine Immigration
  • Rights and welfare of Handicap People
  • Education
  • Conflict Management

Music has an enormous social and cultural impact throughout the world. Music is a powerful global resource that provides meaningful solutions to our social and economic challenges. Music provides cost-effective solutions to many of the critical social and economic problems facing developed and developing countries such as sustainable community development, mental and physical health, healing trauma survivors, enhancing learning, and promoting peacebuilding.