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Barbara "Lady B Bless" Walters

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Consultant


Barbara "Lady B Bless" Walters is an entrepreneur, motivational speaker, radio personality, mentor, advocate for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, and Executive Director of The Lady B Bless Humanitarian Foundation, Inc, who advocate for social change & equality for people in undeveloped & disadvantaged areas.

A true humanitarian at heart, Lady B Bless’s vision is to empower, motivate, educate and encourage people to be agents of change in their communities

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Celestine N. Mumah

Community Development Chair


Nurse and Mentor with a passion to share God’s gifts of Faith, Hope, and love.  Co-founder of the African Refugee Women Rebuilders in San Jose, California in 2000. She Holds a BA in Political Science from the University of Yaounde, Cameroon. Has a great passion for help rebuilding broken communities through community outreach programs, workshops, and campaigns

”Helping refugees settle and integrate peacefully, often in the face of distrust and prejudice, is essential work.” Katherine Viner

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Fatimaah J. Menefee

Chair of PHPA (Public Health, Policy & Administration)

Fatimaah J Menefee holds a Master of Arts in International Relations from the University of London-Queen Mary and a Bachelor of Science in Public Affairs with a concentration in Sociology from Texas Southern University.

Prior to ESE & SEGYE, for over a decade, she worked for the Department of Health and Human Services in applied public health, public engagement, and community relations.

Most recently, she was the Community Engagement Liaison for the Harris County Public Health Department in Houston, Texas- the third most populous county in the United States (4.34 million people). In this position, she executed all outreach and engagement between the public and the Office of Communications, Education, and Engagement. 

Previously, she served as Officer of Public Health Education for the Municipality of Anchorage, Alaska. With this position, she handled all public health promotions and education, public health engagement and social media development for the department. She was also a former board member with the: Anchorage Women’s Health Commission, Anchorage STD/HIV Advisory Committee, Let’s Move Task Force by First Lady Michelle Obama and part of the Healthy Alaskans 2020 task force to help build a healthy Alaska.

Her past professional experiences include: Community Relations Liaison for the City of Houston’s Childhood Immunization Program, Parent Educator Liaison & Child Abuse Neglect Investigator for the State of Texas.


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Dr. Marvin N. Gobina

Chief Operating Officer

Dr. Marvin Gobina has been a Doctor of Pharmacy for 10 years. Graduating from Texas Southern University College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences in 2007, Dr. Gobina has since served as a clinical pharmacist for Kroger, both UHS and HCA Health Systems, as a clinical consultant through Pharmacy Care for numerous nursing homes and skilled nursing facilities throughout South Texas, and now as a pharmacy manager and owner of GPS Pharmacy.

 Day in and day out, Dr. Gobina works with patients, counseling them on their medications, discussing medication interactions, and helping patients select the most appropriate medication regimens for their ailments. His avid need to help others led to the founding of the Julie Ebenye Gobina academic scholarship that is awarded to deserving female students in Cameroon

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Dr. Eric Tanifum

(Board Chairman) Director of Fundraising and Resource Mobilization

Dr. Tanifum holds joint appointments as a manager of basic science research at Texas Children’s Hospital and an Assistant Professor at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas. His Research efforts have resulted in the development of facile chemistries for the preparation of Several complex bioactive molecules, small molecule libraries for the NIH Molecular Libraries- Small Molecule Repository, and a biotech startup company. In addition, these efforts have Attracted funding from both foundation and federal sources including grants from the Alzheimer’s Association and the National Institutes of Health to develop new techniques to Detect the early onset of Alzheimer’s disease. His Community organizing and outreach activities span over two decades in the US and the Cameroons in Central Africa. He has led several initiatives which have benefitted Underprivileged groups including school renovations in different parts of the Cameroons, and Dotation of supplies to the orthopedic and blind centers at SAJOCAH Bafut in the Southern Cameroons. Dr. Tanifum holds a Ph.D. in Chemistry from Utah State University and a B.S. in the same field from the University of Buea in the Southern Cameroons.

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Franco Bonghan

Executive Director

Franco Bonghan serves as Executive President of Novelty Tax & Accounting LLC, a Houston based Accounting Firm specialized in Corporate Taxes and Litigation, Income and Franchise Taxes. Mr. Bonghan has organized several Tax clinics for low income families and is a regular volunteer at the Houston Food Bank and the Habitat for Humanity. He also serves as Executive Director of Franco Records, a record label based in Houston Texas providing cutting edge marketing, value added Promotions and Public Relations, also developing talent for the undiscovered voices. He is Executive Director of Bright Light Projects, an international NGO with a mission of using music as a catalyst for sustainable Development in Sub-Sahara Africa through collaborative partnerships with local NGO’s and Common Initiative Groups (CIGs) in respected countries. Mr. Bonghan holds a dual Masters in Accounting & Financial Management from Keller Graduate School Of management.

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