BLPSL Beneficiaries undergoing Vocational Skills Training in Waterloo - Sierra Leone

Providing Vocational Skills training for BLPSL beneficiaries is key in Rebuilding Broken Communities. In the Western Rural District of Sierra Leone, BLPSL has a standing MOU with KOMRA Training Center where most of our beneficiaries undergo skills training as a step towards self-reliance as part of the Mend the Gap Schooling Program for vulnerable Ebola orphans. 

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Monitoring by BLPSL team is key in achieving Success - Lower John Street in Makeni Sierra Leone

BLPSL team in Bombali District (Makeni) providing constant support at school and at home. At school to check academic progress, at home providing psychosocial counseling to beneficiaries and their caregivers. Routine monitoring is key to achieving success in our programs especially on Mend the Gap Schooling program for vulnerable Ebola orphans program

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BLPSL Routine Monitoring at School and at Home - Waterloo in Western Rural District Sierra Leone

BLPSL staff In the Western Rural District in Sierra Leone undergoing routine monitoring at school to monitor our beneficiaries. BLPSL intervention at school and at homes of our beneficiaries provide a perfect opportunity for our team to address challenges as they become due to ensure the success of our programs. At home to provide psychosocial counseling and at school to monitor academic progress is ket to our success. 

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Meet Fatmata Kallon of Kissy Town Western Rural District- Waterloo Sierra Leone

Fatmata Kallon is a 19-year-old girl from  Kissy Town in the Western Rural District of Sierra Leone. She lost her mother (the only breadwinner) and siblings to Ebola. Left with no support, she dropped out of school and was discovered during BLPSL vulnerability assessments qualifying her as a beneficiary. She had expressed the desire to undertake vocational training to enable her to provide for herself and her other siblings. BLPSL enrolled her at Komra Training Canter in York Town Waterloo. In less than year she is already producing her own fabrics and designs. She is undertaking training in Tailoring and Fashion Design. She is looking into the future with much hope and optimism.


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Meet Sento and Sinna Turay of Lower John Street - Makeni Sierra Leone

BLPSL program Director met Sento, Sinna and many other teenagers at a safe sex workshop organized for commercial sex workers in Makeni. 5  girls were referred to BLPSL for possible assessments and integrated into the Mend the Gap Schooling program for vulnerable Ebola orphans. Our field coordinator found high levels of vulnerability in five of the girls and immediately enrolled them into the program in January 2017. 
BLPSL enrolled all five girls at Birch Memorial Secondary School in Makeni. They did not attend school for the entire first term of last Academic year 2017/2018.  Their determination plus consistent intervention from BLPSL staff both at home and at school provided them the support to sail through as they all got promoted to JSSIII.

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Aminata Sesay of Morabe – Western Rural District Sierra Leone

Aminata Sesay is a 20-year-old girl from Moraebe village in the Western Rural District. She lost 22 of her family members to Ebola including parents. Left with no support, got pregnant and dropped out of school for about 3 years. Bright light Projects got her back to school second term (January 2017) at Peninsular Secondary School in Waterloo. With the constant support from BLPSL staff both at school and at home, she did so well and got promoted to JSS3.

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